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Victoria Arts and Theater Tower is located at Timog Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

Victoria Arts and Theater Tower is located in Timog Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. It is one of the major cities in the Philippines and also the country’s capital. Therefore, it is expected to be quite densely populated but nonetheless sought after by property buyers. After all, it is close to many attractions, opportunities, and other top destinations in the city. The location of this condominium by New San Jose Builders, in particular, is coveted because it is a prime location within Quezon City.

The city of Diliman is a highly urbanized area of Quezon City. Therefore, it is one of the most coveted places to live in at Quezon City. To be specific, there are plenty of government offices within the city including the Quezon City Hall. The exact location of Victoria Arts and Theater Tower is right next to the GMA headquarters. 

If you plan on investing in a unit at Victoria Arts and Theater Tower, you need to assess what the neighboring establishments are. The proximity to major establishments and schools can add more value to your investment because it showcases the desirability of the location. For example, this location of Victoria Arts and Theater Tower is within minutes from many notable schools and educational institutions. Some of the schools located near Victoria Arts and Theater Tower include the following: UP Diliman, FEU-FERN College, Philippine Science High School Main Campus, Quezon City Science High School, Diliman Preparatory School, Quezon City Polytechnic University, and more.

Aside from the GMA Network headquarters, there are also plenty of corporate centers that are established along Timog Avenue near Victoria Arts and Theater Tower. This includes the main studios of ABS-CBN, another major TV network in the Philippines. There are also many other entertainment studios and radio stations located nearby. Hence, this part of Quezon City is known as “Filipino Hollywood” because this is where many movie and TV show productions are based in.

Despite Victoria Arts and Theater Tower having its own commercial spaces, you will also have plenty to choose from when you want to go out and do your shopping. There are several shopping centers and malls that are a few minutes away from this condominium. The following are just a few examples: II Terrazzo, Ali Mall, Ayala Mall Vertis North, Shoppes at Victoria, and Vertis North Lifestyle Center. For your dining options, there are many good restaurants in the area like Romulo Café, The Chocolate Kiss Café, Crisostomo, Casa Verde, and Café Via Mare. 

Meanwhile, this area of Quezon City reinforces its identity as the entertainment center of the Philippines. There are many entertainment options like bars, comedy bars, karaoke joints, KTVs, and more. There is also the Quezon City Memorial Circle, which is a park with a mini theme park and playground areas. 

Even though the area is filled with many TV/media headquarters, along with many commercial establishments, there are also several portions of Diliman that are mainly residential. In fact, you will find many villages within the area such as UP Village, Teachers Village, and Sikatuna Village. All of these show evidence to the Diliman area as being a desirable place to live in.

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